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Symene Community Land Trust Homes Started

I’ve been so privileged to be involved with this project which has taught me about the real struggle it can be to get a Community Land Trust going and the time it takes to get from concept to finished product; all learning we are using with our community toilet and homes scheme in Bridport CLT.

This scheme, started by the community, using land gifted by generous and community spirited landlords from the area, involves 10 two to three bedroomed homes, built to BREAM level 4, earmarked for local families. Hastoe housing association are completing the build.

This is the second scheme I’ve been involved in – the first being a Magna Housing scheme for 57 affordable units at Dibdin View. It does make you realise how many hurdles there are to get over before you can even start to build. One thing government needs to do is to make the process building of affordable homes easier.

Bridport CLT is working on a low cost open market model – but even then you have to find the right builder and hopefully, for a CLT someone able to donate the land. It’s not enough, but this is a great start.

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