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Success with Police Support in Sherborne and Bridport

Rural areas are not going to be cheated out of police presence as news comes that front desks in police stations will stay open in Bridport and Sherborne.  
I am delighted to hear that Martyn Underhill has really listened to communities in the rural west and north of the county. He has decided to keep the police station front desk in Bridport open 5 days a week and in Sherborne 2 days a week.
I would like to thank him for the frankness and realism he showed when we discussed this problem earlier in the year. A big issue in Dorset is that the urban east of the county pulls in all the resources. However, people in rural areas need access to police stations directly as well as by telephone: this decision recognises that rural areas have needs too.
Whilst I think more will have to be done in Sherborne with the Town Council acting as a contact point on days when the police station is closed, as I understand will happen in Dorchester, I’m pleased that some provision is being retained there. It’s a result for those who have been campaigning.
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