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Raise the Wage with the Dorset Youth MPs

On Saturday I, along with other County Councillors, met with representatives from the Dorset Youth Parliament to discuss their campaign for a living wage as part of their National Day of Action. The presentations were excellent and very convincing – it’s even harder to afford housing or to travel to work when you are under 21 on the minimum wage in Dorset. We spent some time discussing lack of access and affordability on a whole range of issues as well as their campaign to end the stigma of mental health ( reflected in Lib Dem party policy now) and against bullying, particularly cyber bullying. The issue of affordability also links into my Rural Bill of Rights campaign which reflects the difficulty of accessing training and leisure activities for young people – and has partly led to the adoption of a 1/3 reduction of  bus   ticket prices campaigned for by my mid Dorset colleague for students accessing education which is now in the party manifesto. You can find out more about the rural bill campaign here :


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