Ros was brought up in the West Midlands, and educated at St Peter’s Comprehensive school, She graduated from Christ Church, Oxford with a degree in English in 1985, and later studied at the University of Essex, University of London Institute of Education and the University of Plymouth.


She has worked for the BBC and Greater London Council conducting social surveys, as well as in the fields of education and health. She rose to Deputy Head of a Sixth Form unit in Dorking, a post which she left to combine raising her children and working as Counsellor in General Practice in a large GP surgery in Yeovil where she has worked since 1995.

Between 2003-2007 she was Head of Citizenship at Yeovil College where she also taught Politics and English. She retains her interest in education, working as a freelance examiner for the AQA. Ros has lived in West Dorset since 1993, in villages such as Chideock and Long Bredy as well as in her home town of Bridport.


Ros was elected to Bridport Town Council in 2006 and West Dorset District Council in 2007. She was re-elected to the District Council with a big increase in her majority in 2011 and is currently Lib Dem Group Leader on the council. In 2010 she was Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate in the constituency of South Dorset, achieving the biggest increase in vote share for the Lib Dems in any Dorset constituency.

Ros sits on the Adult and Community Services Overview, Public Health Overview and Health Scrutiny Committees at Dorset County Council, and is Vice Chair of Adult and Children’s Services Appeals.


Ros is a tireless activist, campaigning on a range of social issues and with a range of community groups to support their campaigns and initiatives.

She helped set up:

  • The Spirit of Bridport Festival of Culture Business Forum which supports businesses locally;
  • Bridport Community Justice Panel – a restorative justice scheme that is now being rolled out in Dorchester;
  • The Community Health Campaign, an initiative which protects local health services;
  • Crisis and Care, a mental health support group which is seeking to create a mental health service users drop in centre in the west of the constituency.

She was a founder member of the Dorset 38 Degrees group, which campaigns on retaining an NHS that is free at the point of use. When she stood in South Dorset in 2010, Ros spearheaded the campaign to save Weymouth Women’s Refuge. She has since helped support the community group and local councillors who developed the building into move-on accommodation linked to the West Dorset Refuge.

Ros believes that politicians should work actively to develop the economies of the areas they represent and has helped set up a number of social enterprises developing innovative projects to improve housing, green issues, skills training and the economy in West Dorset. She is a director of

  • Skills Training Bridport, a social enterprise whose Fresh Start project in its first year supported 34 unemployed adults into employment, education or training
  • Enterprise St Michaels, which seeks to secure a sustainable economic future for one of Bridport’s oldest trading estates

Ros is a member of the Green Liberal Democrats. She believes strongly that politicians – and especially Members of Parliament, have a responsibility to act as genuine representatives of the people, and that they should be prepared to speak out when decisions nationally work against the interests of their constituents.

She is a social liberal – on the left of the party – and is working hard nationally to steer the party’s role in government towards protecting the vulnerable and delivering social justice in the three fundamental areas of welfare reform: housing, health, and education & training.

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