Petition to Save X31 Services

First Buses have, virtually without notice, removed the last two remaining evening services from Dorchester to Axminster. There will now be no more buses after 7.15pm.

This affects not only people who work in London, Dorchester and Weymouth, but youngsters who want to stay on in Weymouth after college as well as anyone seeking to visit Dorchester in the evening without a car. It could affect the Dorchester economy too. We overturned the decision in the case of the 47 and this bus is just as important to workers. First’s changes are unacceptable.

We need to do something about this so I’m taking this up as a matter of urgency at Dorset County Council (DCC). There appears to be no reason why the service could not be re-advertised and opened to other bidders.

So, I’ve set up the petition below. Once we have 50 signatures, I will be able to take this to the next Environment Overview Committee at DCC. In any case, I’m hoping that the cabinet member for transport will take action in respect of this appalling failure by First to deliver to their contract.

We the undersigned ask Dorset County Council to intervene to support the reinstatement of all or some of the evening X31 services between Dorchester and Axminster. These are crucial transport for workers.

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